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Terms of Service: 
The client understands and agrees that The Graphic Surgeon/Y2 Sports videos are designed and intended for personal, non-commercial use and that no admission fee is to be charged for viewing.  The Graphic Surgeon will work closely with you during the creation of your video to ensure your satisfaction. For Individual Videos, a draft video and label design can be posted to our website prior to producing your final video, where you may view and request design. After the final copy is produced, your video is eligible for redesign if notification is received by The Graphic Surgeon within 30 days of receipt date.  If redesign or correction is required due to an error on the customer's order form or any error not by fault of The Graphic Surgeon, the client is responsible for all shipping and handling charges for replacement disc(s).  Limited to re-do only, no refunds.  The Graphic Surgeon retains the right to use photos or clips of your video (in part or full) for advertising purposes.  By submitting this order, the customer agrees to hold The Graphic Surgeon/Y2 Sports harmless for any judgment costs, legal fees, or other expenses that might arise by the reason of any infringement of copyright related to this order.  ALL FINAL MATERIALS PRODUCED BY THE GRAPHIC SURGEON/Y2 SPORTS ARE LEGALLY COPYRIGHTED AND MAY NOT BE DUPLICATED OR REPRODUCED FOR ANY REASON, WITHOUT EXPRESS WRITTEN PERMISSION FROM THE GRAPHIC SURGEON.